About Jessenia Vice

Allow us to reintroduce model, actress, TV host and music artist Jessenia Vice, formerly recognized on the Tyra Banks Show as "The Queen of the Kardashians," per Kim & Tyra themselves!

Jessenia Vice since her television debut broke into the entertainment industry, working with top artists in both the American music industry & Latino Music industry, with the likes of 50 Cent, Trey Songz, Jalvarez, Alexis y Fido, on this illustrious list.

Soon after the show, she landed the cover of iconic O.Y.E. Magazine issue #49 following the footsteps of other fellow cover girls, Eva Longoria & Sophia Vergara. Following endless covers, her latest, the cover of MAXIM En Español help lead her on both local and international TV such as MTV and MUN2, with accolades coming from different quarters.

Showing her diverse talent on TV, she was offered her own radio show on HOT97s sister station A-List Radio. Together they produced "Vice City," a talk show radio that offered entertainment & also helped introduced new talent. Jessenia wanted to return the love she has gotten from NYC the city where stars are made & wanted to highlight its talents that otherwise would go unnoticed.
Proving to be a hit show, Johnny Marines, manager of Romeo Santos approached her with an opportunity for a reality show based on her life. Juggling the entertainment industry , working the Psych ER and her personal love life. Together they created the pilot "Love & Vice" in 2010 which was pitched to several networks. This was before LNHH, so the idea behind the show grabbed much attention. Sadly, Jessenia was going through an abusive relationship behind closed doors. When a network picked up the show , it was turned down by her boyfriend at the time. Jessenia was in a brutally violent and controlling relationship that almost cost her not just her careers but her life!

Jessenia then took time off to heal and grow. After her two year hiatus, she came back strong and with two opportunities to venture in acting and in film. One of her faithful listeners of “Vice City,” Jonathan Elmer, a film producer, approached Jessenia with her first acting role as leading actress in the short film , Hotel Guest. Where Jessenia won awards and was recognized by her peers as a working actress. Since then she's been on IMBD and is now SAG eligible.
A fan of music, and admirer of SELENA QUINTANILLA, Jessenia wanted to venture into dance and music. She independently worked on In Love with the DJ, who was introduced to SONY by her friend and mentor Johnny Marines. SONY offered her a single deal. However, it didn't go into motion because the co-writer's manager wouldn't have him sign unless Jessenia signed to him first. With her back against the wall, Jessenia decided to walk away and never got to see her record do what everyone who watched knew it could accomplish.

Fast forward to 2017, Jessenia has parented with Univision, ThisIs50 with her segment "Like A Boss" & Her Podcast with AlyiV "Sincerely Podcast." Returning to TV Hosting and radio. She's been able to do all this with no management other than her own and with the support of her team members of #TeamVice and her strong following! We are happy to inform that "In Love With The DJ," will be dropping this year with an up to date sound, fresh vocals and a brand new video. So keep watch for this triple threat as she takes on the industry stronger than ever!
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