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March 1, 2017

So I got to celebrate a very special occasion a few weeks ago, a birthday slash anniversary to be specific.  The person being surprised is someone who means so much to me and deserved a nice day of pampering, relaxation and a great clean meal! 

How do you pull that off without taking a long , stressful drive over a brige or into a tunnel heading into Manhattan during rush hour???  STAY IN JERSEY!!!!! That’s how ?

I found a location in Edison NJ that offered NYC services, hours & accommodation for half the cost!! So save your money, sit back, relax & enjoy … YOUR WELCOME  >>  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THEIR SITE <<

We spent 6 hours here and we left feeling refreshed. We both got deep tissue massages and my guy was professional and knew exactly what he was doing. He took all my knots out and I felt like jelly lol The staff was so friendly and informative, especially when it was time to get our grub on.  They helped me make the best choice for my current diet (low carb, high protien & good fats) it was perfect !!!  Made fresh per order, not like others that only gave buffet style. I had a Leechee Bubble Tea that was out of this world !!!  And I took a nap soon after.  

Not only was I able to suprise and celebrate a special occasion. I was able to experience the whole thing too all at an affordable price.  Check them out even if your not in the NJ area.  I’m soooo serous , it’s WORTH IT.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THEIR SITE
Here’s some neat info:
Island Spa sauna a 32,000 Sq ft spa haven that offers Korean style body scrubs, massages, facials, juice bar, restaurant and you can stay the night during their 24hr hours on Friday & Saturday!!! WHHAT?!? Yup ! I can’t wait to go back !!!  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THEIR SITE
S/O to Marketing Director Connie my Virgo Sister ? 

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