Dear Mean Girls … You Suck!

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February 14, 2017
February 24, 2017
mean girls, you can't sit with us

mean girls, you can't sit with us


I have one serious question. Since when has being mean ever been a cool thing? NEVER!

Growing up, I was never teased for being a big girl, I was only bullied when I started to lose weight and get the attention of boys. Lame? RIGHT!  For anyone new reading this, I used to be 200 pounds. Yes, I was a big girl and proud! I didn’t have much going on for me except for my personality and my charm to get by. Yes. I had friends but none that were ever real. See, I was the chubby girl who had hot friends to remind them that they were pretty, and I had guy friends because all my girls were hotties.

Honestly, I didn’t know it then, but now after watching the movie, “Duff,” I realized that was me. [ [laughs] ] To be even more honest, I don’t care that I was because it helped me discover who I was becoming and I was able to focus on school and not boys. Education has definitely come in handy. Thank you mom and dad!

So why “Dear Mean Girls?” Because its a topic I feel needs to be discussed and I talk about it in my NEW Youtube video. To Watch Click Here >>> ?CLICK ON ME & WATCH ?

Let me know your thoughts with a comment below and share with me your worst mean girl experience. Mine? I was called “every boys addiction” aka “VICE.” But I took a negative and turned it to a positive, hence why my alias is Jessenia Vice

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